New-Onset Hypertension Raises Risk of Uterine Fibroid Development

17 Apr 2024 • Over a 17-year study period, researchers observed that women with untreated or newly diagnosed hypertension had increased risk of newly diagnosed fibroids, whereas those taking antihypertensive treatment had lower risk, suggesting that blood pressure control may provide new strategies for fibroid prevention.

  • Risk varied by category of hypertension treatment: compared with those with no hypertension, participants with untreated hypertension had a 19% greater risk of newly diagnosed fibroids.
  • Those taking antihypertensive treatment had a 37% lower risk of newly diagnosed fibroids.
  • Risk also varied by hypertension status: compared with never-hypertensive participants, participants with new-onset hypertension had 45% greater risk of newly diagnosed fibroids.

Source: JAMA | Read full story

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