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18 Sept 2023 β€’ Did you just read this in your patient's report,

'Positive for JAK2V617F'

Wait a minute, "JAK2V617F"?!🧐

Do you need some help decoding JAK2V617F?πŸ€”

Well, there is no need to worry because Medflix has got you covered.😎

In the session, Fundamental Insights into Molecular Pathology & Diagnosis, Dr. Ekta Jajodia takes us through the basics of the Human genome 🧬 and its application in Molecular Pathology.πŸ”¬

PCR, a revolutionary invention in Molecular Diagnostics, has been addressed in detail right from its procedure up to its role and purpose in targeting effective cancer treatments.πŸ’Š

Along with playing a vital role in diagnosis, Molecular pathology is critical for predicting the best therapy for cancers.

For instance, by identifying a particular mutation in a subset of cancer patients not responding to the standard chemotherapy, the treatment can be changed to target the variant mutation, promising better chances of survival in these patients.βœ…

That's not all, by using prognostic biomarkers one can understand whether the prognosis will be good or bad and even better, certain biomarkers like EGFR in Lung cancer can be monitored to see if the patient is responding well to treatment, and the medications can be adjusted accordingly.

Let's get back to 'JAK2V617F', which is a hot spot mutation in Polycythemia vera.

This basically means that in the gene 'JAK2', the codon for Valine (V) has been replaced with Phenylalanine (F) at position 617.

Excited to learn more?πŸ€—

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