WHO launches global individual patient data platform for TB treatment

1 Feb 2023 • WHO is announcing the publicly accessible global individual patient data (IPD) platform for tuberculosis treatment (TB-IPD), an initiative that will increase the knowledge base for normative guidance on optimal treatment modalities for tuberculosis and stimulate TB research. This secure platform already contains individual records with treatment outcomes of over 5,000 TB patients with commitments from additional data contributors to increase this number to up to 50,000 during 2023 including data on TB treatment in children and pregnancy.

“The use of individual participant data in the TB-IPD, shared by country programmes and research groups, has been instrumental in catalyzing generation of knowledge and supporting evidence-informed guideline development”, said Dr. Tereza Kasaeva, Director of WHO’s Global TB Programme. “We express our gratitude towards the patients, countries and researchers who generously shared their data with us to benefit future generations.”

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