In the Spotlight: Serum Potassium Monitoring in SGLT2i-Treated Type 2 Diabetes

3 May 2024 • In T2D patients initiating SGLT2i treatment, recent findings have called for close monitoring of serum potassium fluctuations, especially in those with significant eGFR decline.

Patients with >30% eGFR decline showed increased variability in subsequent serum potassium levels, with higher risks of hyperkalemia (aHR 4.59) & hypokalemia (aHR 3.21), necessitating potassium management interventions post-SGLT2i initiation.

Physicians should be aware that the initial “dip” in eGFR dip (>30% decline) occurs shortly and consequent serum potassium changes following SGLT2i initiation.

Source: JAHA | Read full story

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