WHO Flags 7 India-Made Syrups In Probe on Contaminated Medicine Causing 300 Deaths Globally

21 Jun 2023 • Yesterday, the World Health Organisation flagged seven India-made syrups during a probe on contaminated medicines and syrups linked to over 300 deaths globally. These medicines include cough syrups and vitamins manufactured by various pharmaceuticals.

Sources at the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO), said the Health Ministry's new mechanism of making sure that all medicines are tested for quality control before exports will make sure there are corrective measures. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya asserted that India follows a zero-tolerance policy on spurious medicines.

71 companies have been issued show-cause notices following concerns about the deaths linked to India-made syrups, and 18 of them have been asked to shut shop, the minister told news agency PTI. India's drug controller had launched a swift probe on manufacturers involved.

"We are the pharmacy of the world and we want to assure everyone that we are the 'quality pharmacy of the world',". Health Minister Mandaviya concludes. From June 1, India has made tests mandatory for cough syrups before they are exported. Cough syrup exporters will have to produce a certificate of analysis issued by a government laboratory before it is exported.

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