GOLD 2023 report proposes new definition and treatment classification for COPD

4 Mar 2023 • The Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) has proposed a new definition for COPD in its 2023 report. While tobacco smoking is still considered the main cause of the condition, the new definition acknowledges other factors that contribute to COPD, such as air pollution and occupational exposures. The updated definition emphasises the patient characteristics and allows for more detailed aetiology and diagnostic criteria. The report notes that non-smoking COPD may be responsible for up to 60-70% of cases in low and middle-income countries. The report also proposes a reclassification of COPD patients into three groups for initial treatment, taking into account the clinical relevance of exacerbations. This could result in a change of recommendations for initial pharmacological therapy and a simplification of the treatment algorithm. Drop a ‘Yes’ in the comments if you would like a session on the latest GOLD guidelines.

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