Diabetes Mx in ASCVD: Benefits in Heart failure and beyond

8 Nov 2023 • Hyperglycaemia is a risk factor for CVD and agreeably, CVD is a common comorbidity in T2DM.

While this ill-fated relationship is not completely understood, it is quite controversial. 🩸

If glucose control was the primary driver of increased ASCVD in T2DM, then one would have expected insulin, sulfonylureas, and other glucose-reducing agents to reduce CVD events.

But contrary to popular belief, several large studies of T2DM have failed to prove benefits of glucose reduction in CVD🤷‍♂️

There are many that disagree with this argument since they believe it is supported by several “failed” clinical trials🔬

Amidst all these arguments, the accepted verdict is that the benefit of improved glycemic control on ASCVD appears to be multifactorial and fails to prove cause and effect🧐

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