The New European HF Guideline favors IV iron and SGLT2 inhibitors

28 Aug 2023 • The updated European guidelines presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress and published in the European Heart Journal highlight several key advancements in heart failure (HF) treatment. SGLT2 inhibitors, such as dapagliflozin and empagliflozin, are now strongly recommended for patients with mid-range and preserved ejection fraction to reduce the risk of HF-related hospitalization or cardiovascular death. The guidelines emphasize the prompt initiation and careful adjustment of oral medical therapy for hospitalized HF patients, based on the STRONG-HF trial. The use of intravenous iron supplementation is now recommended for iron-deficient patients with reduced ejection fraction or mid-range ejection fraction to improve symptoms and quality of life. SGLT2 inhibitors are also suggested for reducing HF hospitalization or cardiovascular death in people with chronic kidney disease and type 2 diabetes, along with the endorsement of finerenone to lower the risk of HF hospitalization in this group. The European Society of Cardiology has also released updates in other related guidelines. Source: European Heart Journal | Read full story

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