Simple blood test may be able to predict future heart and kidney risk in Type 2 Diabetes

22 Aug 2023 • New research published in the journal Circulation reveals that a simple blood test could potentially predict the risk of progressive heart and kidney disease in individuals with Type 2 diabetes and kidney disease. The study, led by Dr. James Januzzi from Harvard Medical School, analyzed biomarker data from blood samples of 2,627 participants in the CREDENCE trial, which evaluated the effects of the drug canagliflozin. The researchers discovered that high levels of specific biomarkers were indicative of heart and kidney complications and could help forecast the risk of disease progression. The study also found that treatment with canagliflozin, a sodium glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitor, reduced biomarker levels and lowered the risk of heart failure-related hospitalization and other heart complications, especially in high-risk individuals. The analysis indicated that participants with higher concentrations of these biomarkers at the beginning of the study experienced more severe heart and kidney issues. Among those taking canagliflozin, biomarker concentrations were lower after one year and three years, compared to those taking a placebo. This study suggests that biomarker levels could provide valuable insights into predicting and managing heart and kidney disease progression in individuals with Type 2 diabetes and kidney disease. Source: Science Daily | Read full story

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