Early-Life Antibiotic Use Raises Risk of Early-Onset CRC

7 Aug 2023 • In a recent analysis published in the International Journal of Cancer, long-term and recurrent use of antibiotics early in life were found to raise the risk of early-onset colorectal cancer (CRC) and adenomas, particularly in people with a variant in a specific gut microbiota regulatory gene.


  • Our study indicated that LRAU(long-term or recurrent antibiotic use) during early life was associated with an increased risk of early-onset CRC (at a nominal level) and adenomas, and the association for adenomas was predominantly among individuals with rs281377 TT/CT genotype.
  • This suggests that LRAU during early life as well as genetic factors may modify the risk of EOCRC and adenomas, offering new prospective for understanding the etiology of EOCRC regarding gut microbiota regulation

Further studies are warranted to explore how early-life antibiotic use and genetic factors contribute together to modify EOCRC risk, particularly concerning the microbiome-related pathway underlying colorectal carcinogenesis.

Source: IJC | Read full story

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