Tiny Beginnings, Big Risks: Low Birthweight Tied to Higher CV Risks in Diabetics

24 May 2024 • New research from Denmark showed that type 2 diabetes patients born with low birthweight face significantly higher cardiovascular risks.

The study followed over 8,000 individuals and found that those born weighing less than 3000 g had a greater likelihood of experiencing major cardiovascular events such as stroke and CV-related death, compared to those with higher birthweights (3000–3700 g).

The elevated CVD risk, primarily driven by stroke, peripheral arterial disease, & CVD-related death, was corroborated by a higher 10-year MACE risk among low birthweight individuals.

These findings highlight the importance of considering birthweight as a potential risk factor for cardiovascular complications in type 2 diabetes patients.

Source: Diabetologia | Read full story

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