ANA 2023: Risk for Incident Ischemic Stroke Increases Following Head Injury

20 Sept 2023 • Brain injury, regardless of severity, increases the risk for incident ischemic stroke, according to data from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study, presented at the annual meeting of the American Neurological Association, held from Sept. 9 to 12.


  • The analysis included 11,833 individuals with no history of head injury, stroke, or cardiovascular disease at baseline.
  • The researchers found that 16.7 percent of patients had head injuries, mostly mild, during a 30-year follow-up period. Those who sustained head injuries had an increased risk for subsequent ischemic stroke.
  • The risk for stroke increased with the number of head injuries (one: HR, 1.27, two or more: HR, 2.04)

Studies consistently find that head injuries are associated with long-term morbidity and increased mortality risk, and our study similarly underscores the importance of head injury prevention through strategies to reduce risk of falls in older adults and through measures like seatbelt laws,” lead author Dr. Elser says. “Our results also raise the intriguing possibility that individuals with head injury could benefit from evidence-based stroke prevention methods, such as lowering blood cholesterol levels if they are elevated.”

She added: “There is a need for future research that carefully examines the precise mechanisms by which head injury increases risk of subsequent ischemic stroke in diverse populations.”

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