PCI vs Optimal Medical Therapy in Stable Angina: A 9-Year Follow-Up

30 Jan 2024 • PCI plus OMT was associated with higher rate of primary endpoint of MI, stroke, cardiac death as compared with OMT alone in patients with pure stable angina in a large population.

In an extensive comparison investigating the effectiveness of PCI combined with optimal medical therapy (OMT) versus OMT alone in patients with pure stable angina, a 9-year follow-up revealed unfavorable long-term outcomes in the PCI plus OMT cohort.

Revascularisation and total death occurred more in the PCI group as compared with the OMT group, 30.3 vs 8.2 and 13.5 vs 10.6/1000 person-year, respectively.

This study calls for a reevaluation of treatment strategies in this specific cohort.

Source: BMJ Heart | Read full story

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