India’s Fatal Heatwaves! Health Advisory from the Apex

3 Jun 2024 • Here comes the advisory to the Indian states from the National Centre for Disease Control after above-normal seasonal maximum temperatures and growing death tolls especially in the north and central India were observed.

  • It has directed state officials to report heatstroke cases and deaths daily.
  • The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) should issue early warnings of heat waves daily after 4 P.M., along with a forecast for the next four days.
  • Ensure sufficient availability of general cooling appliances in waiting and patient treatment area and their functioning.
  • ORS, medicines, IV fluids, and ice packs should be distributed to the public.
  • Shades should be installed outside of healthcare facilities.
  • Uninterrupted energy supply to hospitals for continuous operation of cooling equipment.
  • Green roofs, window shading, and rainwater harvesting are examples of indoor heat reduction measures that should be adopted.
  • Outdoor event planning needs to be revisited.
  • Cases with suspected heat stroke should be rapidly assessed and actively cooled using standard treatment protocols.

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