Early High-Dose Enteral Vitamin D3 Cuts Sepsis Severity in Ventilated Patients

8 May 2024 • Early enteral administration of high-dose vitamin D3 (50,000 IU) improved outcomes and ameliorated illness severity scores in critically ill patients with sepsis requiring mechanical ventilation.

Compared to low-dose (5000 IU) supplementation, the high-dose group exhibited significant reductions in procalcitonin and LL-37 levels, along with improved sequential organ failure assessment (SOFA) scores by days 4 and 7.

Additionally, early ventilator-associated pneumonia incidence was lower, and hospital length of stay was shorter in the high-dose group, without observed toxicity.

These findings suggest that early high-dose vitamin D3 supplementation alongside standard sepsis treatment may offer therapeutic benefits in critically ill patients on MV.

Source: Journal of Intensive Care Medicine | Read full story

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