Patients with Type 1 Diabetes have High Incidence of Neuropathic Pain, Reveals a Study

3 Feb 2024 • Recently, a study revealed a staggeringly high cumulative incidence of neuropathic pain (NP) in patients with T1D, regardless of clinical signs of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN).

  • At year 26 (median diabetes duration 39 years), cumulative incidence of NP was 57%, regardless of concomitant clinical signs of DPN (36% NP DPN+ vs. 46% NP DPN−).
  • NP prevalence was 20% at 26 years (11% NP DPN+ and 9% NP DPN−), suggesting frequent remission.
  • Annualized remission rates were similar regardless of pain medication use.
  • The study also identified female sex, along with HbA1c levels, as being associated with NP without clinical signs of DPN.

These findings call for an urgent need for effective clinical strategies in the management of NP in this cohort.

Source: Diabetes Care | Read full story

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