Hand-held Pen Allows Surgeons To Distinguish Between Thyroid & Parathyroid Tissues

4 Aug 2023 • MasSpec Pen (MSPen) technology's performance and clinical applicability is under evaluation for discriminating thyroid, parathyroid, and lymph node tissues during surgery.

  • The MSPen was used to analyze 184 fresh-frozen tissues in the laboratory and then applied in vivo and ex vivo by endocrine surgeons in 102 patients undergoing thyroidectomy and parathyroidectomy procedures.
  • The accuracy of the MSPen in discriminating thyroid and parathyroid tissues was 92.4%, with 82.6% accuracy on an independent test set.
  • For distinguishing thyroid from lymph node and parathyroid from lymph node tissues, accuracies of 97.5% and 96.1%, respectively, were achieved.

These results demonstrate that the MSPen technology has high performance in intraoperative tissue analysis, providing near real-time feedback to aid in surgical decision-making for thyroid, parathyroid, and lymph node tissues. This technology shows promising potential for clinical use during surgical procedures.

Source: JAMA Surgery | Read full story

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