India's 1st X-ray device & AI boosts point-of-care TB Screening

15 Feb 2023 • The use of artificial intelligence is anticipated to significantly speed up and scale up point-of-care  TB (tuberculosis) screening. A well-known AI company will soon introduce the first portable device of its sort in India that is equipped with Al software for early diagnosis of lung and tuberculosis (TB) disorders through chest X-rays. In comparison to several hours or even days, the device and advanced software will check patients for presumed tuberculosis in just minutes, claims the company.  An innovative handheld X-ray equipment called MyBeam is made in India. As it acquires images in just a few minutes, is incredibly portable, and gives broader clinical coverage, the gadget offers higher speed. It can therefore be utilised in Read on App settings or in places without access to equipment. The collaboration is anticipated to significantly speed up the nation's effort to screen and identify patients with pulmonary TB and support the government's plan to eradicate TB by 2025. India continues to be the largest source, making up around one-fourth of all TB cases worldwide. Globally, 10.6 million cases of tuberculosis are anticipated in 2021. According to experts, early and precise diagnosis is essential for successful treatment and disease control.

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