Routine Vitamin D Screening Unnecessary! Says New Guidelines by the Endo Society

7 Jun 2024 • The Endocrine Society has issued new clinical practice guidelines for vitamin D use and testing. According to it vitamin D supplements should not be taken in doses higher than the recommended reference dietary intakes by Institutes of Medicine (IOM), in adults under 75 years of age unless specific health risks exist. In the following populations supplementation above the intakes recommended by the IOM is recommended because of the potential to reduce specific health risks:

  • In children and adolescents under 18 to prevent nutritional rickets and respiratory infections.
  • In individuals over 75 to lower their mortality risk.
  • In pregnant individuals to reduce the risk of various complications like pre-eclampsia, intra-uterine mortality, preterm birth, small-for-gestational age birth and neonatal mortality.
  • In people with prediabetes to lower their chances of developing diabetes.
  • For adults over 50 who need vitamin D, daily lower-dose supplements are recommended. Routine testing for 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels is not necessary as specific benefits have not been identified, including for those with dark complexion or obesity.

Source: Endocrine Society | Read full story

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