CDC Warns of Rising Tuberculosis Rates in the US Following the Covid-19 Pandemic

23 Mar 2023 • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there has been an increase in tuberculosis (TB) cases in the US in 2022. While the rate remains lower than pre-pandemic levels, experts warn that the decline in cases during the pandemic was likely due to unrecorded illness. In addition, recent outbreaks in Washington state prisons demonstrate the risks of TB transmission in crowded settings, especially in light of limited testing infrastructure and workforce during the pandemic.

Impact on Children:

The rise in TB cases is particularly notable among children aged four and younger, who are at a higher risk for severe bacterial infections. This echoes the World Health Organization's (WHO) warning of a global increase in TB cases, with the disease considered a serious threat to public health.

Treatment and Prevention:

In developed countries, early screening and diagnosis, as well as treatment with appropriate medication, can result in a near 90% success rate. However, in low-income countries in Africa and Asia, the prognosis is worse, with 96% of children who die from TB never accessing treatment. While a TB vaccine exists, it is not widely used due to the low threat of the disease in developed countries. TB remains a significant public health threat, with increasing cases in the US and globally. This emphasises the need for continued monitoring, screening, and treatment of TB, especially in high-risk populations, such as young children and those with weakened immune systems.

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