Domicile Clause in Organ Transplant Rules Removed

26 May 2023 • In a significant move, the Gujarat state government has introduced new rules for organ transplants, aiming to create a level playing field for both private hospitals and patients from outside the state.

KEY POINTS Equal Opportunity for Patients: The state government has removed the requirement for domicile certificates from persons seeking organ transplants and admitted to government hospitals.

Fee Waiver for Registration: Patients registering for organ transplantation at government hospitals will no longer be charged any fees.

Enhanced Prospects for Non-Gujarat Patients: The revised rules aim to provide better chances for patients from outside Gujarat who are receiving treatment in the state to receive organ transplants.

New Priority Allocation for Private Hospitals: In a significant change, the government announced that private hospitals will now have priority over organs from three of five cadavers in cases where retrieval takes place at a private hospital.

Prioritizing Private Hospitals: The revised allocation of organs acknowledges the role of private hospitals and gives them a fair chance to access organs when retrieval occurs within their facilities.

Government Hospital Priority: Government hospitals will continue to receive priority in organ retrieval if the procedure is performed within their premises, maintaining their crucial role in the transplantation process.

The Gujarat state government’s implementation of new rules for organ transplants signifies a commitment to fairness and accessibility.

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