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29 Nov 2023 • “Never ignore anything yellow”

“Never ignore anything yellow in the sclera or the skin of the patient"

Observation of high- coloured urine or pale stools should prompt a search for jaundice.

This remark underlines the importance of paying attention to subtle signs in patients, as they can be crucial in diagnosing and differentiating various types of jaundice ✅

Dr. Manish Bhatnagar, an esteemed gastroenterologist and hepatologist, presents an engaging lecture on jaundice, a common but complex medical condition.

💁‍♂️ Five key points to remember when identifying Jaundice:

  • Bilirubin Levels Matter: High bilirubin levels, often exceeding 50 micromoles per liter in jaundice, are key, though clinical signs may manifest at lower levels.
  • Check for Underlying Causes: Jaundice can result from either increased production of bilirubin or impaired excretion, essential in determining the underlying cause.
  • Consider Different Patient Populations: Jaundice prevalence and causes differ notably across groups like newborns, the elderly, and those with specific medical conditions.
  • Look Beyond the Obvious: Consider associated conditions like hemolysis, congenital issues, or metabolic disorders, beyond classic signs, as contributors to jaundice.

The use of advanced imaging modalities in the diagnosis and management of jaundice:

  • Ultrasound as an Initial Modality: Its non-invasive, cost- effective, and widely available.
  • Role of MRCP: Offers high- resolution, contrast-free imaging, safer for patients with potential renal issues.
  • Endoscopic Ultrasonography: Provides detailed information about the biliary tree and pancreas, allowing for therapeutic interventions.
  • Intraductal Ultrasound: Particularly useful for detecting small stones and understanding the nature of bile duct strictures.

For a comprehensive understanding of Bilirubin Metabolism, Jaundice Management, and advanced Imaging modalities, delve into the full lecture available on Medflix. 🔗Click here to catch more on the Approach to Jaundice by Dr. Manish Bhatnagar.

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