Study Reveals High Rates of HPV Infections in Unvaccinated Men and Urges Gender-Neutral Vaccination

28 Nov 2023 • Recent study findings emphasize the significant impact of HPV-related infections in men, highlighting the importance of gender-neutral vaccination to alleviate the overall disease burden.

  • The epidemiology of male HPV infection was studied in a multinational HPV Infection in Men (HIM) study, which enrolled more than 4000 men aged 18–70 years with no previous diagnosis of genital or anal warts.
  • In the HIM study, a high incidence of new genital HPV infections was reported, along with high rates of incident anal HPV infection among MSM.
  • A noteworthy proportion of unvaccinated men of catch-up vaccination age developed incident-persistent (IP) 9vHPV-related infections, with concerning levels observed among MSM compared to heterosexual men.

Gender-neutral vaccination could decrease male HPV infection, contribute to herd protection, and reduce disease burden.

Source: The Journal of Infectious Diseases | Read full story

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