Critical Care Win: Pantoprazole Curbs GI Bleeding in Ventilated Patients, Mortality Unaffected

18 Jun 2024 • In a randomized trial involving critically ill adults on invasive ventilation, pantoprazole was found to lower the risk of upper gastrointestinal bleeding compared to a placebo without affecting mortality.

  • The study included 4821 patients in 68 ICUs. Clinically important upper gastrointestinal bleeding was observed in 25 patients (1.0%) on pantoprazole (40 mg daily) and 84 patients (3.5%) on placebo.

  • There was no significant difference in the mortality rates between the two groups at 90 days (29.1% in the pantoprazole group vs. 30.9% in the placebo group).

Though pantoprazole was effective in reducing gastrointestinal bleeding in critically ill patients on ventilation, there was no significant effect on mortality

Source:NEJM| Read full story

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