Urokinase Therapy Revolutionizes Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment: Enhanced Healing and CV Benefits

15 Jan 2024 • For people with DFUs, continuous intrafemoral thrombolysis therapy can improve their quality of life and prolong life.

  • Continuous intrafemoral low-dose urokinase therapy significantly improved diabetic foot ulcer healing (72.4% closure rate at 1 month) and reduced cardiovascular events over a 6.5-year period, compared to conventional therapy.
  • Continuous intrafemoral thrombolysis therapy also enhanced local skin oxygenation, peripheral neuropathy, and glycolipid metabolism, marking a substantial advancement in DFU treatment.

The findings of this study suggest that continuous intrafemoral thrombolysis therapy provides a safe and effective treatment for patients with DFUs. Low-dose urokinase continuous intrafemoral thrombolysis therapy exhibited a better therapeutic efficacy for DFUs, including high complete healing rate and short time to complete healing, a lower incidence of amputation and cardiovascular events as well as cardiovascular mortality.

Source: BMJ | Read full story

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