Cutting Salt Intake Led To A 6 mm Hg Drop in Blood Pressure Within A Week

16 Nov 2023 • Individuals who followed a low-salt diet for just a week observed a reduction in SBP of about 6 mm Hg, according to findings from the CARDIA-SSBP trial presented at the AHA Scientific Sessions 2023.

  • The goal of the trial was to determine the effect of a high- vs. low-sodium diet on blood pressure (BP) among middle-aged patients with variable rates of hypertension (HTN) and anti-HTN medication use.
  • The study revealed a median 7 mm Hg decrease in SBP with a low-sodium diet, irrespective of HTN status or anti-HTN medication use.
  • A significant impact was identified in patients with SBP >125 mm Hg or comorbid diabetes.
  • The increased incidences of edema and cramping with high- and low-sodium diets, respectively, were low but not unexpected.

These results extend the findings of the original DASH diet study (2001), which enrolled a younger cohort and notably excluded patients with anti-HTN medication use, DM, and known cardiovascular disease, i.e., patients likely to benefit clinically from aggressive BP control.

Source: American College of Cardiology | Read full story

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