Delaying or Preventing Diabetes Crucial to Reduce Dementia Risk Across the Lifespan

28 Jun 2024 • The latest study findings revealed that delaying the onset of diabetes or prevention may lower the lifetime risk of dementia. Additionally, individuals with middle-age diabetes onset experienced dementia earlier than those without diabetes or with diabetes onset at an older age.

  • A study was conducted with 13,087 people who were initially dementia-free at age 60. Their diabetes diagnoses were categorized as middle age-onset (diagnosis before age 60), older-onset (diagnosis between 60-69), or no diabetes.

  • It was found that individuals with middle age-onset diabetes had a higher lifetime risk of dementia compared to those with older-onset diabetes (36.0% vs. 31.0%). By age 80 years, participants with middle age-onset diabetes had a higher cumulative incidence of dementia (16.1% vs. 9.4%) compared to those without diabetes. However, their overall lifetime risk was lower due to shorter survival (36.0% vs. 45.6%).

Source:Diabetes Care| Read full story

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