Interim Budget 2024 - What Is In Store for the Healthcare Sector?

1 Feb 2024 • Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman unveiled the Interim Budget 2024-25 today in Parliament, shedding light on key measures that will significantly impact the healthcare sector.

  • Underlining the ambition of the youth, the government is set to establish more medical colleges by utilizing existing hospital infrastructure. To guide this initiative, a committee will be formed to provide strategic recommendations.
  • In a bid to enhance preventive healthcare, there will be a substantial increase in cervical cancer vaccinations, with a particular focus on girls aged 9 to 14 years. This proactive approach aims to curb the prevalence of the disease among the younger demographic.
  • A comprehensive program for maternal and child healthcare is on the horizon, encompassing various schemes to ensure a synergistic and efficient implementation process.
  • The government is expediting the upgradation of Anganwadi centers under Saksham Anganwadi 2.0, aiming to enhance nutrition and early childhood care. This move is expected to contribute to the overall well-being of children in their formative years.
  • Introducing the 'U-WIN' platform, the government plans to scale up immunization efforts, ensuring a wider reach and increased coverage. This innovative platform is set to play a crucial role in advancing the nation's vaccination agenda.
  • In a noteworthy development, the Ayushman Bharat Healthcare cover will now be extended to include all Asha and Anganwadi healthcare workers and helpers.

As the Interim Budget unfolds, these initiatives signal a concerted effort to bolster the healthcare sector, addressing key areas such as medical education, preventive measures, maternal and child health, and the overall well-being of healthcare workers.

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