Parental Infertility Linked to Altered Cardiometabolic Trajectories in Offspring

17 Jan 2024 • Parental infertility, defined as a time-to-pregnancy ≥12 months, was associated with significant differences in the cardiometabolic trajectories of offspring.

  • Offspring of couples with infertility exhibited increasingly higher BMI over the years, with a difference of +1.09 kg/m2 by age 25.
  • At age 25, their diastolic BP was suggestively higher, and lipid profiles showed trends of higher LDL-C and lower HDL-C values.

This study sheds light on the long-term impact of parental infertility on the cardiometabolic health of offspring, emphasizing the importance of further research in understanding these complex relationships.

Source: Fertility & Sterility | Read full story

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