Study Finds Link Between Psoriasis and Increased Risk of Kidney Stones

15 Dec 2023 • In a recent study, researchers aimed to investigate the potential connection between psoriasis and urolithiasis, commonly known as kidney stones. The prospective analysis involved 67 patients diagnosed with psoriasis (PS group) and 65 individuals without a psoriasis diagnosis (NPS group). The study measured levels of oxalate, citrate, calcium, uric acid, magnesium, creatinine, and sodium in 24-hour urine samples. The findings revealed that stone events were more prevalent in the PS group, affecting 19.4% of patients, compared to 7.7% in the NPS group. The median value of 24-hour citrate was significantly lower in the PS group, while the median value of 24-hour urine uric acid was notably higher. Hypernatriuria was also significantly higher in the PS group. Hyperuricosuria was detected in 10.4% of patients with severe psoriasis and 1.5% with mild disease, showing an association between hyperuricosuria and disease severity. Source: Journal of Dermatology | Read full story

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