Endometriosis - A major cause for diagnostic delay!!

25 Jan 2023 • Endometriosis is a chronic, estrogen-dependent condition that impacts 6%–10% of reproductive-age women. Dysmenorrhea, persistent pelvic/abdominal pain, and infertility are possible effects. Endometriosis has a complex etiology that includes genetic, environmental, and behavioural factors. Endometriosis symptoms can be vague and overlap with diseases that cause pelvic and gastrointestinal pain, leading to delayed or incorrect diagnosis. Another significant reason for the delay in diagnosis is the normalisation of endometriosis-associated symptoms, particularly those connected to menstrual cycles. Endometriosis is linked to a higher incidence of non-gynecological comorbidities, including autoimmune disorders, intestinal disorders, migraines, mental disorders, and cardiovascular illnesses. In comparison to women without endometriosis, women with endometriosis were typically twice as likely to receive non-gynecological diagnosis from hospitals. More specifically, endometriosis has also been linked to respiratory illnesses, allergies, viral disorders, and diseases that cause discomfort.

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