📊Study Shows SGLT2 Inhibitor Therapy A Lifesaver for Heart Failure Patients

4 Apr 2023 • A study analysed data from seven trials involving patients with heart failure and found that SGLT2 inhibitor therapy (a type of medication used to treat diabetes) is associated with a significantly lower incidence of sudden cardiac death compared to a placebo. This benefit persists even when other guideline-directed medical therapies are used. Patients with heart failure are at risk of developing various heart conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death, and SGLT2 inhibitor therapy can help reduce these risks. However, the study did not show a reduction in the incidence of other types of heart arrhythmias in patients receiving SGLT2 inhibitor therapy. The researchers recommend that future randomised trials of heart failure therapies should include dedicated rhythm monitoring to improve the characterization of sudden death.

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