Osmolality Extremes in Diabetes: A Double-Edged Sword for Mortality Risk

26 Dec 2023 • Both low osmolality and high osmolality were predictive of increased all-cause mortality in patients with diabetes.

  • Researchers uncovered a U-shaped association between serum osmolality and all-cause mortality risk in individuals with diabetes, with both low (<201 mmol/kg) and high (>312 mmol/kg) levels predicting an increased risk, compared to the reference range (281–284 mmol/kg).
  • An L-shaped correlation between low osmolality and cardiovascular death risk was noted.
  • Lower serum osmolality increased the risk of CV mortality.
  • The inflection points of osmolality on all-cause and cardiovascular mortality were 281 mmol/kg.

The serum osmolality should be controlled at a reasonable range in patients with diabetes.

Source: BMJ | Read full story

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