Approach to a Case of Pneumothorax

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Approach to a Case of Pneumothorax

2 Dec, 3:30 PM


The majority of patients with a pneumothorax first present to the emergency department and hence the physician needs to be up to date about its presentation and treatment. Pneumothorax should be suspected in patients who present with acute dyspnea and chest pain (classically pleuritic), particularly in those with an underlying risk factor. The treatment focuses on five key areas: air elimination, minimising air leakage, pleural fistula healing, facilitating re-expand, and preventing subsequent episodes. Patients with primary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSP), one that presents in the absence of an external factor, should receive resuscitation with a focus on airway stabilization as well as supplemental oxygen which treats hypoxemia. Dr. Sandeep David joins us LIVE on Medflix to share his skillful approach to a case of Pneumothorax.


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