How To Tackle Rodenticide Poisoning?

How To Tackle Rodenticide Poisoning?

26 Apr, 3:30 PM


Rat poisons' or rodenticides are chemical substances designed to eradicate small rodents. Common targets for their use include gophers, squirrels, and household rodents like rats and mice. It is essential to control rodents because they spread disease, contaminate crops and grains, and multiply quickly. However, rodenticides are one of the most toxic agents commonly found in households. Rat poison is toxic to humans and can cause internal bleeding, organ failure, paralysis, and coma. The symptoms associated with ingesting, touching, or inhaling it may not appear until hours or even days after exposure. Emergency treatment is needed, as contact with rat poison can be fatal. Medflix Superstar, Dr. Ashima Sharma will take us through the evaluation and management of various types of rodenticide poisoning.

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