Pfizer Wizards of Medicine - Haematology

Pfizer Wizards of Medicine - Haematology

16 Jun, 3:30 PM


Get ready to unleash your expertise in the field of Haematology with Pfizer Wizards of Medicine: Haematology Edition! This thrilling live quiz, hosted by the esteemed Dr Kamal Sharma, will put your diagnostic abilities to the test like never before. Prepare to be pushed to your limits as we present a diverse range of complex haematological symptoms. With a perfect blend of excitement, competition, and knowledge, this quiz is not for the faint-hearted. The stakes are high, and the competition is fierce, with incredible prizes awaiting the winners. If you're ready to elevate your haematology skills to new heights, then buckle up for a heart-pounding night of medical expertise. Join us on Medflix, where the world of haematology takes center stage!

Being Attended by

Dr. srihita Mahavadi & 992 others


Dr. Kamal Sharma

Senior Interventional Cardiologist with a rare combination of Double degree in both medicine and cardiology i.e. DNB (Medicine) & DNB (Cardiology) apart from MD and DM | Did World’s 1st Vagal Nerve Stimulation Device Implant | Discovered “Winking Coronary Sign” of VSR on angiography also called as Kamal Sharma sign of VSR | 210 publications & more than 12000 Google Scholar citations| 22 gold medalist | Author of 8 books | only Cardiologist to clear CIVIL services UPSC in first attempt

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