Insomnia in Adults: Clinical Assessment and Tailored Treatment Approaches

Insomnia in Adults: Clinical Assessment and Tailored Treatment Approaches

4 Jul, 3:30 PM


Three criteria must be met for a diagnosis of insomnia: complaint of trouble falling or staying asleep, adequate opportunity for sleep, and daytime dysfunction. It is a risk factor for major depression, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, suicidality, hypertension and diabetes. Polysomnography can be helpful to rule out other possible explanations for poor sleep, such as sleep apnea or movement disorders. Initial approaches to treatment should include at least one behavioral intervention such as stimulus control therapy or relaxation therapy, or the combination of cognitive therapy, stimulus control therapy, sleep restriction therapy with or without relaxation therapy—otherwise known as cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). Dr. Apar Jindal, an esteemed specialist in sleep medicine, joins us on Medflix to give us a detailed overview of the diagnosis ad treatment of Insomnia in Adults.

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